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baby blanket

March 23, 2010

Baby Blankets

My three children each have a special baby blanket that they sleep with each night and scream for whenever they have a boo-boo or other need for comfort. One night I will not easily forget is the one when I returned from a trip with my son – and forgot to pack his blankie to bring back home.  You can only imagine the look I got from my wife when she unpacked the bag and realized the blankie was 2 hours away.

They do not call these “security blankets” for nothing. It is a familiar object that babies development a strong attachment to and it helps them with transitions and other times when they are feeling insecure or just in need of a little extra comfort. It is tough to improve upon these indelible staples of our babies’ early years. However, even baby blankets can be created to enable more interaction and a closer bond with mom and dad.

The eebee Snuggle time blanky was designed with a way for parents to wiggle into that special time when baby is holding tight onto their blanket. There are simple arms on the sides of the blanket so that parents can slip their fingers in and cuddle with their little one. So the blanket is actually  “puppet-able”.

eebee Snuggle Time Baby Blanket

My littlest one, Whitney, loved to play little body parts games with me as she would hold onto her eebee blanky and I would tickle her cheek, nose, ears and chin. Whitney would giggle with anticipation as I held my fingers right above the next part of her face I was about touch with the puppet. Adding this type of human dimension to the classic staple of a baby blanket does adds a richness and helps facilitate the development of communication exchanges between baby and parent . These back and forth exchanges between a parent and child are especially important during the 3 months to 12 months time frame when the brain is being wired for social connection and communication about the world. (Read more at www.RaisingWhit.com, Infant stage Q2 & Q3) Figuring out new and different ways to create these exchanges on a regular basis with your baby  is an ongoing priority for parents. Having something as central to a baby’s life as his blankie that can also help facilitate these important interactions can really help.