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Don Burton, Co-Creator of eebee's adventures

Don Burton has been creating educational innovations for consumer markets for two decade. He was head of business development for Disney Educational Publishing, a Walt Disney Company initiative to enter the formal core curriculum markets of preK-3rd grade with integrated multi-media educational products that could be sold both into the school and the home. He developed strategies for the video, print, online and kit product lines and the business unit. He worked extensively with creative producers and “Imagineers” to understand and apply the educational principles and learning differentiation sought by Disney's new brand of offerings. He then founded ParentPartners, a creative Internet start-up focused on learning, growth and development issues. The company signed up 100,000 members before it was sold to the Washington Post and Kaplan Education in 1999. Shortly thereafter, he joined the Global Education Network (GEN) as CEO and President. GEN, founded by media financier Herbert Allen and Williams College professor Mark Taylor to bring the finest of higher education to the Internet, experimented with innovative formats to create the highest quality online learning.

Don has continued to experiment with how to best support parents in providing their children the best possible start. He recently established a play & learning research center, in New York City that created sensory rich environments, called PlayLabs, for kids 0 to 3 yrs old, using a wide range of opened-ended materials including clay, paper, water & ice, light & shadow, balls & ramps and foam. These PlayLabs were hands on workshops for child and parent, where parents gained insights into how play sets the foundations for thinking and learning. He also co-founded the every baby company, inc., for the development of the early learning product, "eebee's adventures", which is a line of DVDs, books and toys that help bring great developmental play and exploration into the home.

Previously, Don graduated from the Harvard Business School, worked in M&A at Goldman, Sachs & Co, and worked for the McKinsey & Company consulting firm. He has frequently been an adjunct professor for Duke University and their Leadership in the Arts program in New York City and has completed coursework in teaching and learning at Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), Bank Street College and Columbia Teachers College. He has also served on the board of advisors at HGSE and on the COUR committee for Harvard University.

Archive: Don's Latest Posts

June 30, 2011

Water Play and Exploration

With summer in full swing, we will all be doing lots of water play over the next few months. Water play and exploration is one…

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April 29, 2011

Discovering & Engaging Strengths

All children are born wired to learn about and master their world. However, anyone with two or more children knows that every child is different…

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February 28, 2011

The Strength of Group Play

Last week we discussed the “tiger mom” parenting debate and my mantra was: “The key to parenting best practices is to tune into your child’s…

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January 31, 2011

Tiger Moms and the Parenting Debate

The debate on parenting and educational best practices has been brought to a fevered pitch with Amy Chua’s views in Tiger Mother and documentary film hits Race to Nowhere and Waiting for Superman filling parent discussions.

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December 10, 2010

Social Awareness & Seeking Approval

As our toddlers develop more social awareness, they soon begin seeking approval from those important to them. Toddlers want their efforts to be rewarded with attention, excitement and approval.

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November 10, 2010

Early Baby Thinking

Baby thinking or ideas don’t start as full blown adult thinking with sophisticated models of some concept that has an integrated past, present and future.…

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October 15, 2010

Early Logic- “Division” via Tearing Paper

Babies develop early math and numeracy skills by experiencing concrete actions on their world. Take simple paper tearing.

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September 28, 2010

Early Logic Adventures- Figuring things out

Once our babies start to sit up, this milestone opens a whole new range of exploration. Their hands free up and whatever they can get them on, they want to explore and manipulate.

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September 8, 2010

Early Logic Adventures- Making things happen

Our little ones don’t start their logic careers with the 123s, shapes, and colors: instead, they figure out that when they do something, it can make something else happen in the world. So if they give you a big smile, you will give them a big smile back. This is early cause and effect.

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August 11, 2010

Baby Babblin’

Another early language skill that we all experience and hold precious during that first year is babbling. Our babies’ babbles are some of the first experiments with sounds that eventually turn into language.

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