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April 29, 2011

Discovering & Engaging Strengths

All children are born wired to learn about and master their world. However, anyone with two or more children knows that every child is different and engages with their world in unique ways. Some babies are very sensitive to stimuli; others want more. Some minds are wired to create symphonies; while others are disposed to build bridges or computers; or to cure medical ailments. Different kinds of minds are destined to lead different adult lives.

How do we get to know and cultivate the individual minds of our children? What are the components that comprise an individual mind? How do we meet their learning needs and strengthen their strengths. The research is clear that intelligence is not the narrow skill measured by IQ tests but the versatile and adaptive use of mental capabilities to respond effectively to real situations and needs in their world by figuring things out, solving problems, and creating products. Your babies and children employ and sharpen these tools as they engage in their world. We want our kids to use their competences to become independent, critical and creative thinkers who also build strong relationships, able to deeply connect with the people and world around them.

And it is never too early to start. Every day we can discover more about our unique baby. Minds give off little signals that reveal what they are if we listen and observe. We as primary caregivers in a child’s life have a dramatic influence on how this development and plot plays out. So spend chunks of time where you have no agenda except to listen and observe what your baby reveals about what they are interested in; how they react to things. It is all there is we take the time and patience to learn. Over time, we can help them identify and engage their profile of strengths.