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Social Awareness & Seeking Approval | Child Development | giggle Blogs
December 10, 2010

Social Awareness & Seeking Approval

As our toddlers develop more social awareness, they soon begin seeking approval from those important to them. Toddlers want their efforts to be rewarded with attention, excitement and approval. Praise, the more the better but you want it to be descriptive of what was accomplished. Instead of the frequent “good job”, try to describe what happened:

“Wow, look at how tall your block tower is. You placed 1, 2, 3 blocks in that tower, congratulations”. Start early and be explicit about how effort leads to specific results that get your attention and praise.

Whitney as most toddlers enjoyed stacking blocks on top of each other to create a tower. She would look up at me frequently after each block was successfully placed as if to say “see I did it” and get my approval. I would certainly play along describing what Whitney was doing and showing my excitement.

We are never really certain what is going on inside that little head of our toddlers. But it is always fun to speculate. Whitney’s baby babble in this video really threw me for a loop as I had no idea what she was saying nor what purpose it was serving so I tried to focus on the block building. One thing I could have done is shifted to different surfaces to explore the effects. The surface of the rug made it particularly difficult to get the third block to stack without falling. If we moved just a couple feet we could have compared the tower build on the wood floor to the carpet and probably made some discoveries there.

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