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March 11, 2010

Stroller Toys

Stroller toys come in many shapes and sizes; one common purpose of each though is getting our babies to pay attention to something while we adults get something done or saving us from a meltdown while in a place like the grocery store.

We see loud clackers, lots of music things, vibrating and distracting motion. Sure we want the quick fix but what is in it for the baby? How can we provide something that supports our babies’ development as well as gets us a few minutes of quiet and calm.

eebee stroller toy

eebee stroller toy

Well one idea is a peek-a-boo stroller toy. One of the most popular games for babies is peek-a-boo and there is a good reason for that. Babies are working on the concept that when things are hidden behind hands, a blanket or something that it has not completely disappeared from the world. They have not yet figured out that objects don’t disappear but are just hidden. Academics call this the concept of “object permanence” and it is why babies don’t tire of all the peek-a-boo variations. They need a large experience base to figure that objects don’t disappear from the world just because they are hidden.

Therefore our eebee stroller toy uses the popular vibrating mechanism found in a lot of stroller or hanging toys to shimmy eebee above and then behind a blanket. Babies love it so it meets the goal of engaging them with something and it enables our babies to work on that elusive concept of object permanence with each session. Again its about taking those everyday moments and creating some rich learning adventure out of it.

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